Friday, May 18, 2012

Canoe Kentucky - Frankfort, KY

Upon waking up, both Chad and I were yearning for an outdoor adventure, specifically water related.  We have been kayaking together a couple times now and love it!  It is a blast to get out on the water and just relax!  So Chad found us a place to rent kayaks and do a 6 mile river trail, Canoe Kentucky in Frankfort, KY.

The rates were fair, the water quick enough that you could minimally paddle and finish in a couple hours, and the small rapids were easy enough for beginners to combat.  We called ahead to make sure we could get on the water.  If you plan to kayak through a company such as this, there are usually scheduled times for people to be there so they can depart as groups.  It took about an hour after we got there for everyone to fill out paperwork, get processed, watch a safety video, and hop in a van.  Canoe KY was not expecting that many people to show up late in the afternoon on the first Sunday of May, so it took a little longer than normal.

It was a great adventure.  All of the gear was provided.  The staff was wonderfully friendly!

A couple suggestions:

Plan ahead!

Bring water shoes, a swim suit, a couple bottles of water (nothing in glass containers), a snack, and a waterproof bag for keys and such!  A water-proof camera for on the river is also a great addition to any trip!

Water shoes are also available seasonally at Walmart for under $9.

Schedule enough time so you can really enjoy your trip!

Wear sunscreen... no matter what!!!!

To learn more about Canoe Kentucky please visit their website! 

If you have time to explore Frankfort, there are a ton of historical sites and a cute downtown area to explore!  Lots of cute shops! Many places featuring local artists and musicians including: 
Many of the shops next to this are connected, including coffee and book shops!  
Unique downtown with a lot to explore! 

We explored the town at night and took some wonderful night pictures using longer exposures.  Sadly, I don't have most of those pictures ready yet because they are with Chad, but here are a couple I took! 

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  1. Hello Chad and Katey,

    My name is Robbie Roberts, and I would like to ask permission to use your photos of the bridge over the KY River and the Fountain Place shot from your Canoe KY post. The pictures would be used as 2 of 35 images in a photo collage I am creating for a wedding gift for two friends. We are all life long residents of Frankfort, and I love the way you've captured these images.

    The photo montage would be used for personal use only in a one time photo print. Thanks for consideration. I can be reached at , and I can send a low resolution proof of the photo collage if you'd like.